ZEEQ Smart Pillow Review

ZEEQ Smart Pillow has a lot of cool features. If you're into smart pillows and are looking to buy yourself one, read our review to see what this one offers.

Quick Overview






  • Detects/stops snoring
  • Tracks your sleep duration
  • Soothing music and reliable alarm
  • Comfortable
  • Intuitive ZEEQ app


  • Pricey compared to similar options
  • Too sensitive
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Numerous studies point to the benefits of healthy sleep, so it is no surprise that there is a gamut of products to help you get a good night’s rest. We decided to have some fun and go through a couple of the pillows that we found to be good choices.

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow is something that immediately caught our attention, as the concept of it tracking our sleep pattern and offering smart sync with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant sounded impressive. Plus, the memory foam and its overall composition was something that we were eager to try out.

Today, we will be doing a quick review of this pillow, highlighting both the good and the bad. Let’s get to it!

ZEEQ Smart Pillow

The company that stands behind this product is REM-fit, which is a well-recognized name in the sleep sphere. The innovative technology makes this pillow worth your attention, as it allows you to adjust the memory foam according to your head size and sleeping position. This pillow has a huge potential to offer much-needed comfort.

The smart features, such as the sleep tracker and snoring detector, are what sets this pillow apart from other high-end pillows. For people who are working with a more flexible budget, it serves as a fun, long-term investment.

Who is This Pillow for?

As we have mentioned above, the ZEEQ Smart Pillow is something that anyone interested in a good night’s rest should invest in. Yes, the price is somewhat higher, so that does present an issue if you were hoping to get a cheaper pillow. However, after a couple of days of using it, we knew that the investment was absolutely worth it.

If you have a snoring problem or trouble falling asleep, then a pillow like this one will go a long way. It will give you much-needed information about the dynamics of your sleep, soothe you with calming music, and even wake you up with an alarm if that is something you want. Thus, it is something that teenagers and adults can get great use out of.

What’s Included?

The first thing that we want to point out is the Tencel Botanical Fabric that the pillow cover is made out of. Made to comply with the latest sustainability standards and without chemicals or any animal byproducts, it is incredibly easy to wash. Also, it provides much-needed protection of the memory foam layers from dirt and liquid spills.

The second item you are getting is the pillow itself, which is versatile in shape and can be customized according to your needs.

Overview of Features

First, we want to discuss the structure of this pillow. Once you take the Tencel Botanical Fabric cover off, there is an outer shell and an adjustable memory foam. These layers are at both the bottom and the top, ensuring that you won’t feel any difference regardless of what side you sleep on (or in what position).

Inside the pillow are the components that allow it to be so innovative. There are eight reliable wireless speakers, two vibration motors, as well as a single three-axis gyroscope that is responsible for keeping track of your sleep routine. By detecting whether you are snoring or not, the pillow will send a light vibration to adjust your position and contribute to your restful sleep.

The feature that we were most eager about was the speakers. It is quite impressive how you can play any desired music through the ZEEQ app without worrying whether it will wake your partner up. It can be downloaded to both Android and iOS devices, providing an optimal soothing experience. It also goes a long way if the alarm that you have set on your phone simply doesn’t do the trick.

The gyroscope is a functional device that will inform you of how long you have slept, as well as whether you got enough rest or not and if your sleep was disturbed by something. All the information will be transmitted to the ZEEQ app, which will be your friend in correcting certain patterns.

The main issue that we have with the pillow is the vibration motor. At certain times, it will send a signal just by detecting that your head is moving. The increased sensitivity can be quite annoying if you are just trying to fall asleep. Other than that, this innovative sleeping pillow is something that you should definitely consider, especially if you are a high-tech freak!

How to Use ZEEQ Smart Pillow

Given the number of features that this pillow is highlighted by, you are probably thinking that it is confusing to actually use. Luckily, most of it is done through the ZEEQ app, which is user-friendly and will give you information on your sleep data, such as sleep time, quality, and the sound of the alarm/music. The featured composition (memory foam fill) is great, as you can flip and adjust it to any position you want without worrying that you will be uncomfortable.


If the above pillow is not quite what you are looking for, we have an excellent alternative option below.

BEAUTRIP Memory Foam Cervical Pillow

If you are looking for a product that stays comfortable whether you lie on your back, stomach, or side, then this BEAUTRIP is a good choice. The 3D memory foam goes a long way when it comes to supporting your neck and head, and most importantly, the whole pillow is made out of recyclable and eco-friendly materials.

Much like the aforementioned product, it can help prevent snoring and help you enjoy a more restful sleep.

Wrap Up

The ZEEQ Smart Pillow comes with a couple of smart features that can contribute to your sleeping schedule. We were quite satisfied with it, apart from the fact that the gyroscope is a bit too sensitive. Still, given the fact that you are getting great comfort and that the ZEEQ app offers user-friendly control, we consider it to be a wise choice!