Wamsutta Dream Zone Pillow Review

If you're a side sleeper, then this Wamsutta Dream Zone may be the perfect option for you. Read more about its features in our in-depth review.

Quick Overview






  • Affordable price for great value
  • Premium pillow cover
  • Memory fiber for ultimate comfort
  • Breathable material for deeper sleep
  • Good for side and back sleepers


  • Not suited for stomach sleepers
  • Chemical smell when first opened
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Neck strain and spine misalignment are common ailments that are largely caused by improper posture and sleeping position. From time to time, it feels great to lie down on your stomach and indulge in 8 hours of a deep sleep, but that might not be the best for your vertebrae.

Knowing this, we looked for sleeping pillows that are versatile, offering comfort and structural support for their users. Among the most important features of such a product are the filling and the firmness rating.

The Wamsutta Dream Zone Pillow is something that we decided to review because of the manufacturer’s reputation, as well as numerous advertisements that claim it is very comfy and a must-try. Our idea is to cover both the positives and negatives to help guide you to the right decision. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Wamsutta Dream Zone Pillow

Wamsutta isn’t a new brand, as it has been doing business in this sphere for the past few years. That is why we weren’t surprised that they offer a three-year limited warranty to put your worries away if something is wrong with the pillow. Highlighted by a lofty design, we immediately concluded that this pillow might be the right choice if you enjoy sleeping on your back or side.

On the other hand, if you are a fan of sleeping on your stomach, then you may want to look for an alternative (we have provided one at the end of this article). It is available at an extremely affordable price and we enjoyed trying this product out for a couple of nights.

Who is This Pillow for?

This pillow is 6.5 inches in height, which is the main reason why we don’t consider it to be ideal for stomach sleepers. To sleep in this position, you are better off with pillows that are almost completely flat. This pillow offers excellent spinal support and comfort if you like sleeping on your side or back.

Additionally, it comes at a reasonable price and offers quality that can be easily compared with some of the most high-end options, which we really appreciated. With this in mind, you should be able to afford it even if you are on a limited budget, ensuring that anyone can have a great night of supported sleep.

What’s Included?

The simplicity of this product is what makes it so great. Apart from the pillow itself, there is the Pima cotton cover, which is knitted and made of synthetic down. This means that it is 100% vegan-friendly. Also, there aren't a lot of issues regarding the maintenance, as it can be machine washed on a low-temperature setting.

It comes in plastic packaging, on which you will find the specifications of the pillow and instructions on how to position it properly.

Overview of Features

This pillow is only available in classic white, but it comes in two different sizes - Standard (25”) and King (34”). We tested both variations and came to the conclusion that the structural support is the same, so the decision should be made based on your preference and needs. As mentioned above, the height of this pillow is 6.5 inches, which is good if you are a back/side sleeper.

We were impressed with the 750-thread knit cover, which is made to last. It can be easily removed if you need to wash it and then put it back on. The synthetic down is a fine touch that contributes to both the comfort and the soft feel of the pillow.

The most important part is the inner filling of the pillow, which is memory fiber. This is a good solution, given the fact that it is made to accommodate your head and release any existing pressure. Additionally, as soon as we got up, the pillow went back to its natural shape.

The main issue that we had with it was the chemical smell. While we weren’t able to determine the source of it, after a couple of machine washes, the smell was gone. If you are annoyed by neck strain or suffer from back pain as a result of improper positioning, the Wamsutta Dream Zone Pillow is something that you should consider.

How to Use and Take Care of Wamsutta Dream Zone Pillow

Pillows aren’t tricky to use, so we found this product to be quite simple. Once you get it out of the packaging, it all comes down to choosing the position that you will sleep in and lying down on the pillow. You can also use it for shoulder, back, and even knee support.

If the pillow itself gets dirty, you shouldn’t wash it but rather spot clean it. On the other hand, we did hand and machine wash the pillow cover, which is absolutely fine as long as you allow it to air dry.


If the above pillow is not quite what you are looking for, we have an excellent alternative option below.

SHEEX Original Performance Down Alternative Pillow

The aforementioned pillow may not be an ideal choice for everyone, so we want to present a relevant alternative. Filled with hypoallergenic polyester and with a plush firmness rating, SHEEX Original Performance Down Alternative Pillow offers adequate neck support and promotes spinal alignment. It is also fade and shrink-resistant, which increases its overall longevity.

Most importantly, the SHEEX original fabric is made to wick away any moisture and heat, making it a good solution if you live in a tropical environment.

Wrap Up

Coming up with a final verdict on the Wamsutta Dream Zone Pillow is something that we will allow you to do. For us, it is a good solution if you want an affordable pillow that offers comfort and proper structural support for side/back sleeping. It is available at a great price and the memory fiber design is ideal for creating a comfortable sleeping situation that is custom to your body.