Meet the New Twist on a Classic! Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Cloud Breeze Dual Cooling Pillow Review

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There are many different kinds of memory foam pillows that you can invest in. We will be taking a look at some of the more popular varieties before we get to our review. The most common type of memory foam pillow that you will come across is the traditional memory foam pillow. This is the kind of pillow that most people picture when thinking of them.

A traditional memory foam pillow is essentially a pillow-shaped slab of memory foam. It is similar to the contoured memory foam pillow in that it features a solid mass of memory foam for its construction. The difference between these two pillows is that contoured memory foam pillows feature ridges.

Another type of memory foam pillow that you may come across is the wedge pillow. These models feature a design which is in a shape of a wedge. They are still made of a slab of memory foam, but they are cut differently. These pillows tend to be ideal for propping you up in your bed, either for comfort or injury recovery.

Equinox International Queen Pillows Review

If you are looking for a memory foam pillow which is more reminiscent of regular pillows, you will probably be a fan of shredded memory foam pillows. These pillows are filled with shredded bits of memory foam, which take the place of down in regular pillows. There are several advantages to this design.

One of the more noticeable differences between shredded memory foam pillows and pillows which feature a slab design is that shredded pillows feature far superior breathability. This breathability makes your pillow far more bearable during the summertime when nights can get rather hot, and so can your pillow.

We will now take a look at one of the more important characteristics to search for in your ideal memory foam pillow. Feel free to skip ahead if you would rather get right to the review.

Hygienic Features

If you want a top-quality memory foam pillow, you may have certain expectations of it. Perhaps one of these expectations is that your pillow will not end up making you sick. A relatively common feature in memory foam pillows is resistance to microbes and the growth of other forms of bacteria.

Since some people will end up breathing and drooling on their pillows, they can end up becoming festering dens of bacteria. Most memory foam pillows counteract this with their antimicrobial design. This ensures that nothing ends up growing on your pillow so you won’t have to worry about bacteria colonies.

Equinox International Queen Review

Many memory foam pillows will also feature hypoallergenic material that will prevent the pillow from triggering your allergies. Those of us with allergies know the struggle of trying to sleep while having our respiratory tract irritated. It can be almost impossible to sleep if your pillow is the source of that irritation.

Hypoallergenic construction also prevents dust mites from taking root in your pillow. It is crucial that you attempt to purchase a pillow which will protect you against the growth of mold and other things which can end up getting you sick. Thankfully, most modern memory foam pillows come included with these features.

The Product


  • Features memory foam which has been certified for purity
  • Features hypoallergenic construction for greater allergen resistance
  • This memory foam pillow features a size of 17 x 25 inches
  • The pillow will have to be spot cleaned and cannot be washed in a machine
  • Comes available in standard, queen, and king sizes
  • Comes included with a satisfaction guarantee lasting 30 days
  • Comes included with a bag
Equinox International Pillow Review


This memory foam pillow is made by Equinox International, a company which specializes in the making of a wide range of goods. This product is almost as effective as ones from manufacturers who are dedicated to the making of memory foam products.


There are many ways in which this pillow impressed us. Primarily, this is one of the most comfortable pillows that we have come across. It features enough give to be comfortable, but it is still substantial enough to support you. It seems that this pillow is in the sweet spot right in between the two extremes of firmness.

While the pillow is a little smaller than some competing models, you will find that it is sufficient for most uses. The hypoallergenic construction of this model ensures that you will not have to deal with dust mites and other things which can be responsible for the cause of allergic reactions.

Equinox International Queen Touch Review

While the pillow itself will have to be spot cleaned, the included cover can be placed in the washing machine, which moderately reduces the amount of time you will spend cleaning it. This pillow also comes included with a satisfaction guarantee lasting 30 days for all customers.

What Others Say

Other customers were very impressed with this pillow, but there were also a few complaints. You will find few pillows which feature a better shredded design than this one. While most shredded pillows will either have too much give or too little give, most customers stated that this product’s firmness is ideal.

There was criticism over this pillow’s lack of washability, but this is the case with most memory foam pillows except for a select few. The included carry bag was also criticised for a lack of durability, but that concern is relatively minor when compared to the positives.

Buying Advice

This pillow can be found for a very reasonable price when it is compared to other, similarly made models. In fact, the exceptional value for money is one of the reasons why you may prefer to pick this memory foam pillow over competing models. It can be purchased from Amazon and other online retailers.


If you want one of the most affordable memory foam pillows on the market that still comes included with a good range of features, this may be the best choice. We hope that our review has been sufficiently helpful and detailed for your needs.

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