Meet our Family Team

At Rest With Style, we are a family team of pillow testers with different needs working together to help you to discover the best Pillow products to make you excited about getting into bed each night! Let's start with finding the best pillow and along the way, you will discover other products that will help you rest with comfort and style!


Bradley Seidel is the Co-Founder and an avid airline pilot. As a frequent flyer, Brad has the opportunity to experience countless pillows across the world from various hotels. His perspective puts him at the forefront of the ever evolving sleep industry. When he’s not catching z’s, Brad can be found playing squash or practicing his short game on the course.



Jill Seidel is Head Content Editor for Rest With Style. Dr. Jill is a flight surgeon and the proud parent to a cockapoo named Sherbert. Working closely with military pilots, Dr. Jill is well versed on different sleep styles and the best methods to maintain a circadian rhythm. Dr. Jill gives various perspectives on tackling different sleep issues.


Kim Seidel, " the Mom" is a contributing writer and expert on the sleep issues that are of concern to mature adults. She strongly believes in the connection between our sleep space and how it affects our sleep habits. Kim is a wallfinish/mural artist with extensive experience working in clients homes helping them to achieve style and comfort.


Sherbert Seidel prides herself in her constant devotion to product testing, even after muddy walks. 

Mission Statement:

To deliver quality support that relieves pressure points. We know how difficult it can be to identify premier brands that sooth your ailments. Everything we do starts with the best material. We explore different foam grades to identify the one that aligns with your personal preference. Each brand is thoroughly vetted to align with our commitment to sustainability. We uphold the highest environmental and ethical standards. Our informative experience allows you to make the best decision to reclaim your sleep journey.


Vision Statement:

Helping people discover their best self. Getting proper sleep can be a difference maker in keeping us friendlier, faster, and smarter. Proper shut eye keeps us brighter. Everyone deserves a seamless sleep cycle. At Rest With Style, we strive to present solution-based products that relieve your specific sleep, comfort, and support problems. We work closely with manufacturers we trust. We leverage our extensive knowledge of different foams and pillows to help you make the best purchase possible.