Island Slumber Luxury Foam Pillow Review

Island Slumber Luxury Foam Pillow Review

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Memory foam pillows are a particular type of pillow that features a different construction from traditional pillows. There are many advantages to them, but before we get to our review, we are going to look at some background information on these pillows.

Memory foam is a type of treated polyurethane, the same material that skateboard wheels are made of.

As you may have guessed from the fact that this material can be used for both pillows and wheels, it is a very versatile substance. Polyurethane can be used to make a broad range of products, with the two that we have mentioned barely scratching the surface of what it is capable of being used for.

The type of polyurethane that is now known as memory foam was developed by NASA back in the mid-1960s. During this time, NASA was researching alternatives for the material that is used in the seats of commercial airliners.

Island Slumber On Bed Review

While memory foam ended up being too expensive for airlines (the masters of cost-cutting) to adopt, it surely made for good beds and pillows.

Many characteristics lead to memory foam being an excellent choice for both cushions and mattresses. The most recognizable feature of memory foam is its ability to be molded with a little bit of heat. The small amount of heat that our bodies emit is enough to change the shape of memory foam.

It is for this reason that you will be able to see an imprint of your hand in memory foam after you press down on it. This capability makes memory foam ideally suited for customers who want either superior comfort or adaptability. This also means that memory foam is ideal for those with injuries.

We will now take a look at two aspects to consider before you make your memory foam pillow purchase. If you would rather skip right to the review, feel free to go ahead.

Number Of Pillows

When buying your memory foam pillow, you can opt for either a single pillow or you can buy an entire set. Sets of memory foam pillows can be different when compared to sets of regular pillows. You will find that these pillows will come in many different shapes and sizes than traditional pillows.

While standard pillows will usually come in a set of four nearly identical pillows, you will find that sets of memory foam pillows can come in contoured shapes, wedge shapes, and more. If you want a comprehensive set of pillows for any sleeper, try to get yourself a set of memory foam pillows.


The firmness of your pillow is something else that you will have to take into consideration before you make your purchase. You will find that memory foam pillows come available in different levels of firmness. You can have soft memory foam pillows, firm ones, medium-firm ones, and even extra firm pillows.

The firmness of your pillow will influence how effective they are with a particular style of sleep. If you have a shredded memory foam pillow, you can even change how firm it is in a relatively short period. All you have to do is unzip the inner case and then add or remove as much shredded foam as you need.

The Product


  • This pillow is hypoallergenic to prevent the spread and growth of allergens
  • This pillow features adjustable firmness
  • You have a choice of three firmness levels: firm, medium-firm, and extra firm
  • Comes included with a 90-day trial period
  • A tree is planted for each of these pillows which are purchased
  • Pillow is made out of bamboo for added environmental friendliness
Island Slumber Pillow


Island Slumber is an American company that specializes in bedding and goods related to sleep, as you may have guessed from the name. This shredded memory foam pillow is one of the most eco-friendly options available.


If you want the most eco-friendly memory foam pillow, then you have found it. This model features foam which is made out of bamboo shoots to reduce the amount of pollution which is caused during its production process.

This does not adversely affect the quality in any way, in fact, the foam is of a higher quality than most of the foam that you will find in competing models of memory foam pillows. Another aspect which adds to the eco-friendliness of this product is that a tree is planted for every one of these pillows that are purchased.

Island Slumber Product Review

This pillow features an adjustable design that lets you pick the optimal level of firmness for your needs by adding or taking the foam out of it. This allows you to optimize the pillow for individual sleeping styles, some of which require a harder pillow and some of which need a softer one.

What Others Say

Other customers had quite a bit to say about this pillow. Most of them were highly impressed with the build quality of this pillow, stating that it lasted far longer than most competing models. Of course, other customers were impressed with Island Slumber’s commitment to their mission of environmental friendliness.

Regarding negatives, there were some complaints about the elevated price of this model. Some customers also took issue with the shredded memory foam design, as it offers less support than a more traditional slab design.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more expensive memory foam pillows that you will come across. It is worth the price, however, as it features superior quality to most of the competition. This pillow can be found for around 100 dollars, but the price can drop to as low as 40 dollars when it goes on sale.


If you are looking for a pillow which offers excellent quality and superior eco-friendliness, look no further than this product. We hope that our review has proved to be helpful for you. Feel free to leave a comment down below.

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