How to Keep Your Pillow Cool

Pillows sometimes get too warm, especially during long summer nights. However, here are a few ways to keep your pillow cool.
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All of us have the same problem, and that is wanting to keep our pillow as cool as possible at night while we are sleeping. There are very few things that can be compared with the irritation of a hot, sweaty pillow when you just want to sleep.

There are many ways you can keep your pillow cool at night and prevent you from turning and tossing while trying to sleep. Many people can find relief from a variety of ailments with a cool pillow to sleep on at night, so that is a must.

In this article, we will show you a few methods to keep that pillow cool and have a good night’s rest.

How to Keep a Pillow Cool

As mentioned, there are many ways you can keep your pillow cool at night that will not cost you a lot of money. Try to envision a cool sea breeze that will keep you cool at night.

Flip Your Pillow

This is the advice you will get from most people if you ask them for a way to keep your pillow cool at night. This is what most of us do in any way to get away from the hot and sweaty side of the pillow.

While this may seem like a simple way, it is an effective way to stay cool, even if it is for only a few minutes. But this method may keep you awake at night and rob you of a good night’s sleep, the reason why you want to stay cool.

Use an Oil Diffuser

This is also a not too expensive way of staying cool at night with these quiet little devices at your bedside. They simply spray a cool mist, and if you point it in the right direction, it will spray that cool mist over you.

Another great feature about this little diffuser is that you can add a pleasant aroma in the form of your favorite essential oil. The cool mist that is sprayed over you by this lovely little device will also last for a very long time.

It also comes with a safety switch included with the diffuser so you can program it to switch off when needed.

Breathable Pillow Cover And Pillow

A breathable pillow cover and breathable pillow will improve your pillow’s overall temperature while using it at night. This is because of the constant flow of fresh air through the pillow and cover to help it stay cooler under your head.

These types of pillows and covers also do not get hot as fast as traditional pillows and pillow covers when you use them. One example of these breathable pillows is those made from bamboo fabric with bamboo fiber filling to prevent soaking up the heat.

Bamboo pillows have a high breathability factor and will stay cool for much longer at night while you are sleeping. This will improve your overall sleeping, and you may get to a deep sleep before the pillow heats up too much.

Use a Gel Cold Pack

With gel cold packs, you can easily utilize the power of the freezer and bring that coolness to the pillow you sleep on. The benefit of these packs is that it will stay in a gel form even when they are frozen.

You can keep them in the freezer all day long and just put them in your pillowcase at night before you go to bed. Because of the large size of these special gel packs, they will cover the whole surface of your pillow and keep it cool.

Gel packs are also made with a durable outer coating to prevent them from breaking easily and leaking the gel out when you use one. They are not expensive, and there are a number of them available on the market for your convenience.

Use a Fan

There are several fans on the market that can be used to blow cool air over you and your pillow at night. You would want to get one of those quiet mini-fans that can be directed, so you have the cool air just where you want it.

The small Elefan from Idea comes with a bendable trunk included like an elephant and can be directed to provide cool air. This means you can simply direct the airflow so it will blow directly under your pillow while you are sleeping.

This fan does not cost too much, but you can easily find other brands with the same nice features if you look for them. This is a great way to keep your pillow cool at night and have a fan for the hot days as well.

Get Yourself a Cool Pillow

If nothing else works, you can always get yourself a specially designed pillow to stay cool at night while you are sleeping. This pillow uses technology that can detect if you are getting too hot and will automatically switch on to keep your pillow cool.

The technology is a great new innovation from pillow manufacturers out there who are trying to bring you the coolest pillow. This is also great for those times when you are ill, and you develop a fever. While you are recovering, it will assist in keeping your temperature down.

How it works is the pillow will detect the rising of your temperature and then switch on to release cool air. This cool air will keep the pillow cool while keeping you comfortable while sleeping and having a cool place.

These pillows can be found for reasonable prices at many retail shops as well as online retail shops such as Amazon and more.


Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep your pillow and yourself cool at night so you can have a good night’s rest. This is the main reason for staying cool while you are sleeping so you can get up refreshed every morning and do engage in your important tasks.

Stay cool and well-rested wherever you are, and now you know what to put on the list for your next Christmas present.