Best Memory Foam Pillow For Your Needs

Best Memory Foam Pillow For Your Needs

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Memory foam pillows have so many advantages when they are compared to more traditional types of pillows. While we have already addressed the reasons why you should opt for a memory foam pillow, we will now present our recommendations to ensure that you get the best memory foam pillow possible.

While you may think that finding the best rated memory foam pillow is a relatively simple process, it can depend on how you intend to purchase it. While going to a mattress and bedding retailer is often the best way to test out pillows and choose one which is best for your needs, not all of us have that luxury.

Unfortunately, brick and mortar retailers will not always have the massive selection that you will find available from online vendors, but you can’t try out products when shopping online. This is where reviews come into the equation. If you have trustworthy reviews informing you about products, you will find that it is much easier to make a purchase.

Memory Foam Pillows Kid Sleeping Soundly

There are so many different memory foam pillows available. While one customer can be searching for the best memory foam pillow for stomach sleepers, someone else can be searching for the best memory foam pillow for side sleeper. This is why we have included five products in this review guide instead of just one or two.

Before we get to our memory foam pillow reviews, however, we will be taking a look at some of the reasons why it is important to ensure that you get the best memory foam pillow possible. After that is complete, we will take a look at some things to consider before making your purchase.

If you feel that you know enough about memory foam pillows to make an informed purchase right this instant, feel free to go ahead and skip straight to the reviews. We would recommend at least glossing over the two subsequent sections, however, as they may contain some very useful info.

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Why You Should Choose Your Memory Foam Pillow Carefully

We are going to take a look at some of the reasons why it is important to ensure that you get the best memory foam pillow possible. You will find that most purchases which are related to bedding will be long-term investments that should be made with care, especially depending on the price of your product.

While memory foam pillows are nowhere near as expensive as a new mattress, you will still be sleeping on the pillow that you purchase for the next year at the very least. Would you rather sleep on a pillow that reminds you of the low price you paid every night with back and neck pain?

You will find that a high-quality pillow will end up paying itself off in the number of nights of good rest that you get out of it. Being well-rested will make you a happier person, and it will reduce your chances of developing chronic spinal pain and lessen the likelihood of spinal conditions later in life.

Sleeping on a Memory Foam Pillow Watch to Look Out for

If you are looking to buy an affordable memory foam pillow, it is important to make sure that you get the best model possible for the money. When you ask yourself the question of what is the best memory foam pillow, you will have to consider your needs, and you will have to be prepared to spend a little more money.

You will sometimes be better off investing in the best memory foam pillow possible for a higher price, even if this means waiting for a little while before you make your purchase. It is crucial not to be an impulsive buyer when deciding on the best pillow for your needs.

You will want to be patient, perhaps even waiting for your favorite pillow to go on sale before you make your purchase. You can sometimes save up to half of the MSRP on some of the best pillows during sales lulls. If you value excellent quality in your sleeping products, do not be afraid to invest in them.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Memory Foam Pillow


It will be difficult to sleep on your new memory foam pillow if it is not properly sized. Thankfully, it is rather simple to understand the different pillow sizes which are available. You will find that pillows are sized according to the bed that you will be using them with.

For example, the best memory foam pillow for a double bed will take up half of the width of a double bed, or around 27 inches. Most memory foam pillows that feature a traditional design will be measured in this manner, but more specialized pillows, such as wedges and travel pillows will have their own sizing systems.

Size of Memory Pillows To Watch out for

Different pillows will be sized differently because it would be difficult to define some of them in comparison to beds, especially the pillows which are not meant to be used on beds. You should always check a sizing chart or the dimensions of the pillow you are about to purchase.

If you purchase the wrong size of pillow, you may find it uncomfortable, and it will not conform to your needs properly. Either your pillow will be too small to be used comfortably, or it will be too large to even fit on your bed properly. You will want to avoid both of these situations if at all possible.


There are many types of memory foam pillows. For example, the best shredded memory foam pillow will be nothing like the best contour memory foam pillow. While most memory foam pillows are meant to be used in similar applications, you will find that some types are more radically different than others.

For example, while a shredded memory foam pillow and a traditional memory foam pillow are meant to be used in similar ways, you will find that they accomplish the same task with different compositions. A shredded pillow will contain bits and pieces of memory foam, while a traditional pillow will be one large piece of foam.

Pillow Types and Styles

The style of your pillow can have a huge bearing on the ideal application for it. For example, a memory foam travel pillow will be perfect for use on the road and in the air. On the other hand, you will not be very comfortable if you choose to make use of a travel memory foam pillow while lying down in bed.

This is the same for pillows which are even broadly similar in styles. For example, even though a body pillow and a neck pillow are both meant to be used in bed, you will find that one cannot adequately substitute for the other. Doing this can potentially result in pain and discomfort while sleeping.

Sleep Position

Before making your purchase, you should also consider your preferred sleep position. For example, a memory foam back pillow will do little good for someone who sleeps on their stomach. If you are looking for the best memory foam pillow for neck pain, you will have to opt for model which accommodates your neck in the position in which you sleep.

The first thing that you must do is ensure that you know the position that you sleep in. Some people prefer to sleep on their side, which is one of the more common options. Another vast portion of sleepers prefers to remain on their back with a particular orientation.

Stomach sleepers are a little less common, but they still make up a substantial portion of sleepers. Some people rotate through sleeping positions, which will require a pillow that can accommodate a range of styles. We would recommend a wedge pillow or a memory foam body pillow with a more versatile design in these cases.

Sleep Position Types

If you are trying to learn your sleep position, use a journal to keep track of how you end up falling asleep and how you wake up. This will help you learn your preferred sleeping position at the beginning of the night, and it will also allow you to see whether your position ends up changing while you sleep.

Single Pillow Or A Set

The last consideration to make before you decide to go ahead and purchase your memory foam pillow or pillows is whether you only want a single pillow or if you want a set of them. If you already have a set of comfortable pillows in your bed, you may wish to only opt for one of them.

Set of Memory Foam Pillows

On the other hand, if you are buying a whole new set of bedding, you will likely want to purchase a set of memory foam pillows. Keep in mind that these pillows do not come in regular sets of the same pillows, like most traditional pillows.

Memory foam pillows can come in sets which feature different sorts of cushions, like memory foam wedge pillows and memory foam contoured pillows.

Our Recommendations

Best Memory Foam Pillow

Here are the best memory pillows in our opinion:

Winner - Coop Home Goods Premium Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


  • This pillow is adjustable, as you can remove or add foam to suit your needs
  • This pillow meets purity standards to ensure user safety
  • This pillow is both hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites
  • Features a machine washable design to simplify the cleaning process
  • Available in a choice of three sizes: standard, queen, and king size
  • Comes included with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Allows for superior cooling and breathability for greater user comfort
Coop Home Goods Full Size Pillow View


If you want a highly effective product that is surprisingly affordable, look no further than this model. This wins the title of the best memory foam pillow because it is that much more effective than competing products. This pillow can be found at a price ranging from 50 dollars to 60 dollars, depending on your preferred size.

The makers are so confident in the quality of this shredded memory foam pillow that they have included a 30-day money back guarantee with this product, but we doubt that you will be returning it. This pillow is made out of 60% synthetic materials and 40% rayon which is made out of bamboo shoots.

The inner pillow case that comes included with this model can be opened up so you can add or remove memory foam shreds until you feel comfortable lying down on this pillow. This gives you much better functionality than most slab pillows as well as superior versatility when compared to traditional pillows.

This pillow has also been certified by independent agencies which attest to this product’s safety and purity. You don’t have to worry about any memory foam horror stories when purchasing this model as you can rest assured that it features the finest quality foam which is free of contaminants.

Runner Up - Cr Sleep Memory Foam Contour Pillow


  • Features a size of 24 inches by 16 inches by 4 inches
  • Comes included with a removable and machine washable outer cover
  • Features memory foam which is infused with gel for better comfort
  • Features a contoured design for a broad range of sleeping styles
  • Features purity certification
  • Features a feel which is medium-firm
  • Features two contours: one high and one low
  • This pillow is not safe for use in a washing mac
Cr Sleep Memory Cover Review


This is a contoured memory foam pillow which is made out of a slab of AirCell memory foam. The gel infused construction of the memory foam ensures that this pillow retains a good level of comfort without giving up robustness. This design results in the characteristic medium-firm feel of this pillow.

This pillow is also certified for purity, which ensures that it will have no harmful, long-term effects on your health. You will find that the different contour sizes make this pillow useful for many different kinds of sleepers. We would recommend this model for back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Keep in mind that you will have to wash this pillow manually or it may be irreparably damaged by your washing machine. You will still be able to machine wash the inner and outer covers for this pillow. If you are worried about allergies, this model is both hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to prevent the development of mold and bacteria.

This pillow provides some of the best neck support out of any pillow which can be found on the market. You will find few better options for proper spinal alignment thanks to the choice of two different contours. The only downside is the price, which is around 90 dollars.

Alternative 1 - Equinox International Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


  • The memory foam which is used in this pillow is certified as pure
  • Features a hypoallergenic design to prevent the spread of dust mites
  • Available in a size of 17 inches by 25 inches
  • The pillowcase of this model can be machine washed
  • The pillow itself may only be spot cleaned with warm water and detergent
  • Comes included with a 30-day money back guarantee
  • Comes included with a carry bag
Equinox International Pillow Review


If you are looking for one of the most affordable memory foam pillows on the market, this model from Equinox International is a great choice. It features memory foam which is certified pure and it is much more comfortable than a lot of the competition. It is available only in queen size dimensions.

This is a convenient memory foam pillow as it comes included with a bag which is vacuum sealed. You can either use this bag to transport your pillow or any other bedding that you would like to bring along with you. This pillow also features a case which can be machine washed for added convenience.

If you want to clean the pillow itself, you will have to do some spot cleaning, which is often the only method that can be used to clean memory foam pillows. This design is also highly breathable thanks to the shredded memory foam design, which makes it much more comfortable than other memory foam pillows on hot nights.

If you are not satisfied with this pillow, you can always take advantage of the included money back guarantee and return this product. We would be surprised if anyone would want to return this model, however, as it offers the most value for money out of any product on this list.

Alternative 2 - Island Slumber Luxury Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


  • Features a hypoallergenic design which prevents the growth of mold and dust mites
  • This pillow features three levels of adjustable firmness: firm, medium firm, and extra firm
  • This pillow can be used by side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers
  • This pillow features a 90-day risk-free trial period during which you can return it
  • With every pillow purchased, a tree is planted in the USA
  • Features memory foam which is made out of bamboo for superior eco-friendliness
Island Slumber Pillow


If you want a memory foam pillow that is a little more expensive but features a very versatile and highly adjustable design, you may wish to opt for this product from Island Slumber. This product is also more eco-friendly than most of the competition, as the foam is made out of bamboo.

In addition to the semi-natural foam, you will find that every one of these pillows purchased results in a tree being planted in America. This is thanks to the maker's partnership with American Forest. If you are looking for a good pillow and would also like to make the world a better place, this is the ideal choice.

One of the more unique features of this pillow is the ability to add or remove as much of the shredded foam as you would like to ensure that this model has the proper firmness. It can be adjusted from firm to medium-firm, to extra firm, depending on your sleeping style and preferences.

This pillow can usually be found for around 100 dollars, making it one of the pricier options that you will come across on this list, but it is worth the extra level of comfort you get out of it. If you are tired of tossing and turning at night, and you want a pillow which is sufficiently breathable, opt for this model.

Alternative 3 - Clara Clark Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Set


  • These pillows come available in a set of two
  • Pillows feature dimensions of 19 inches by 29 inches
  • Pillows come included with a money back guarantee
  • Pillows come with a vacuum-sealed carry bag
  • Pillows feature superior allergen resistance
  • Features a 30-day money-back guarantee
Clara Clark Shredded Memory Foam Pillow Set Review


If you would prefer a set of memory foam pillows for a reasonable price instead of a single pillow, there are few better options than this pillow set from Clara Clark. They feature a design which is meant to resist the formation of allergens, and they are just as breathable as most shredded foam pillows.

These pillows will come packed into a vacuum-sealed bag, so they can make an excellent gift if you so desire. Otherwise, the bag can act as an excellent way to bring your pillows with you when going on a trip. These pillows offer some of the best value for money out of any product on this list.

You can purchase a set of two of these pillows for around 40 dollars, which is about half the price of most standard memory foam pillows. While you may think that these would feature poor build quality because of this, that is certainly not the case, as these are some of the best pillows we have tested out.

If you are looking for a great way to get started with memory foam pillows, this set of two is very likely the ideal option that you have at your disposal.


We hope that we have provided a suitable range of products for you to choose from. If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to let us know about them down in the comments.

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